About Us

Echol Tech Pte Ltd, previously known as Echol Air-condition and Refrigeration Enterprise was first established in 1975. The company then focused on providing specialised mechanical ventilation services for the booming Electronic manufacturing industry. Working closely with multinational partners such as Takasago Thermal Engineering and Quest Technologies, Echol Air-condition and Refrigeration Enterprise ventured into numerous countries such as Thailand, India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

In response to a growing demand for mechanical and electrical services, Echol Air-condition and Refrigeration Enterprise has over the years expanded its workforce and competency to provide various mechanical structure and electrical services.

In 2007, Echol Tech Pte Ltd was incorporated, taking over all manpower and assets from Echol Air-condition and Refrigeration Enterprise. Boosting a paid up capital of $0.5 Million, Echol Tech Pte Ltd expanded to cover new business areas such as marine navigation, security & surveillance and comunications. In order to provide creditable solutions and services in these areas, Echol Tech Pte Ltd has engaged a large team of experienced and competent engineers to cover the new business areas.

Echol Tech Pte Ltd is committed to providing reliable and cost effective solutions and services to all our customers and business partners.